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Madison, TN
March 2nd 2020
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 This position is for someone who enjoys managing processes and deadlines and loves working with organizing construction teams.  An in-depth knowledge of residential construction is important, and the ability to follow procedures/processes for consistent results is vital. This position is for a sharp, high energy team player who has the gift to organize and be a part of a construction team and manage many projects simultaneously.


This PM will visit job sites, draft detailed scopes of work, accurately estimate construction costs, assemble and manage subcontractor teams, track budgets and timelines, and deliver quality and profitable residential renovation projects on time and on budget. Each house is different, but we intend to apply the same process to each to deliver consistent results.


The Basics:


Position:                       PM / Site Manager

Project Type:               Residential home remodel – average cost $30k

Regional scope:           Mid-Tn

Manage # Projects:      Average 10-30 projects simultaneously.

Staff Reporting to you:  Admin staff

Who you report to:       Sr. Project Manager / Construction Manager

Compensation:            Potential for $70k+ with salary/bonus/bene package.

Software:                     UDA or United Design Software beneficial but not required.





Principle Responsibilities:


Ultimately the role of the Project Manager is to lead our Construction projects / renovations so that we efficiently manage our company projects. 

This includes but is not limited to:


o   Lead all construction personnel including field project managers, pre-construction/production manager, assistants, and vendors

o   Manage construction processes to ensure consistent adherence to established standards

o   Control Time, Cost, and Quality of construction projects

o   Evaluate necessary repairs for various levels of renovation and direct field project managers to supervise construction progress from start to finish

o   Identify issues needing to be addressed for the Sellable potential of the property

o   Control project cost by using investor oriented construction labor and managing materials spend for cost savings

o   Control quality of construction projects by selecting good finishes and ensuring subcontractors adhere to company finish level standards

o   Prepare scopes of work and budgets for properties we renovate and repair

o   Be skilled at personally preparing details scopes of repair and perform these duties when needed

o   Develop cost and time estimates and budgets for the renovations

o   Accurately track budgets

o   Compare vendor/material payments at the time of expenditure to Rehab Payment Schedule. This is a daily task. Any discrepancies are to be reconciled with field project managers.

o   Compare invoiced amounts to the Rehab Payment Schedule weekly and ensure the invoiced work has been completed and is of good quality  before approving invoice amounts to be paid

o   Review materials expenditures to ensure they are accurate and do not include any materials we have not approved to be purchased

o   Ensure all change orders are entered in UDA and are approved. It is necessary to be firm about not approving minimal/petty change orders.

o   Review UDA field reports vs Gantt charts to check completion percentage in construction phases. This is a weekly task. Any discrepancies/non-reporting contractors are to be addressed by the Field Project Manager with the responsible subcontractor and the results reported to you.

o   Ensure project schedules are up to date and Field Project Managers have adjusted Gantt charts (per project) based on real time progress. Any discrepancies are to be addressed with the Field PM and vendor as needed.

o   Ensure field reports are being submitted by contractors/subcontractors with site pictures daily

o   Ensure Field PMs are visiting each jobsite at least 2 times per week and taking pictures and uploading link to UDA for each project

●   Create & maintain sub/vendor base

o   Screen vendors based on vendor screening process

o   Track usable vendors in UDA

o   Ensure we have collected proper documentation from new vendors W9, insurance proofs and current contact information

o   Ensure we have current vendor insurance docs and keep contact information current


●       Inspections

o   Inspect job sites to ensure processes are being followed, the sites are clean and safe, running according to schedule, and are at the expected quality standards

o   Ensure we are performing pre-rehab & post-rehab home inspections



Success Criteria & Performance Metrics:


●       Daily Summaries based on roles and responsibilities. Accurate reports on daily project productivity are to be submitted daily

●       Submission of paperwork and completed scopes of repair within designated timelines for the department

●       Delivery of projects on time and on budget 85+% of the time

●       A well-managed and up to date vendor/sub-contractor data base

●       Monitoring initial budgets vs actual project spend daily

●       Ensuring that retail sale pending repairs are minimal – no more than 2 things that should have been addressed in the scope of repairs and no more than $500 in necessary retail sales inspection repairs items

●       Ensuring that properties/projects are 100% complete when turned over to the sales department for disposition





        Success is primarily measured around your contribution to overall company profitability




Hours of work:


●       The hours of work for this position are 7 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday through Friday and as additionally required based on business volume


●       The position will work in our office and on job sites during regular business hours



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