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$39,000 - $43,160
Syracuse, NY
October 10th 2019
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A Medical Practice is seeking to expand its services and needs to add a  Licensed Practical Nurse / LPN to its health care team immediately.

* PAY SCALE plus benefits is $18.75 with no nursing work experience and up to $21.85 with experience.

* New Licensed Practical Nurse / LPN graduates with a current New York Sate License are encouraged to apply. 

* Licensed Practical Nurse / LPN WORK SCHEDULE:  Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM. Forty (40) hour work week. * NEW GRADS WILL BE CONSIDERED.

Licensed Practical Nurse / LPN license. Graduate of an accredited LPN program. High school diploma or equivalent. Previous medical office experience is a plus but not required.

* JOB TYPE is Contingent to Permanent (Retained Employee), Full-time.

* Licensed Practical Nurse / LPN JOB DESCRIPTION:
* Prepare treatment rooms for examination of patient.
* Prepare patients emotionally and physically for examination.
* Interview patient and properly record information in the patients charts.
* Measure vital signs such as pulse rate, temperature, blood pressure, weight, height and record the results.
* Utilize experience and ability to administer injections & vaccines.
* Perform throat cultures and respiratory/asthma treatments.
* Competently perform phone triage.
* Call in prescriptions.
* Inventory and order medical supplies and materials.
* Have a working knowledge of medical terms and how they relate to the anatomy of the body.
* Be able to perform routine tests (predominantly urinalysis).
* Clean and sterilize equipment and instruments.
* Be able to prepare a patient's chart and have a working knowledge of the legal do's and dont's in charting patient information.
* Perform asepsis procedures in applying bandage and tape to minor wounds.
* Have a working knowledge of OSHA Rules and Regulations concerning Universal Precautions. Be able to perform proper procedures to protect against transmitting or contracting diseases.
* Be aware of Patients Rights, HIPAA, Hazcom Procedures, and National Patient Safety Goals (JCAHO).

* BENEFITS: Listed are the benefits which will be provided upon RETAINED (Permanent) HIRE.
1.) HEALTH INSURANCE is a Blue PPO Plan provided by Excellus Blue Cross & Blue Shield. The co-pay. for office visit $20. There is no deductible. Employee contribution is $42.50 for Single coverage and $150.00 for Family coverage. There is no Gate Keeper/Primary Care Physician (PCP) so a patient may go directly to a specialist without a referral. Prescription co-pay is $5, $20, $35. The cost contribution by each Employee is paid for with pre-taxed dollars and deducted from their bi-weekly paycheck. All plans offer single & family coverage.
2.) DENTAL INSURANCE is provided at a Employee contribution of $5.75 bi-weekly and $18.53 for Family coverage . There is a $750 maximum limit per year.
3.) VACATION TIME: After 6 months of continuous employment each employee is entitled to one week paid vacation. After one year of employment, 2 weeks, 3 weeks after 5 years. FLEXIBLE TIME OFF. Accrued at approximately 1 1/4 days per month.
4.) PERSONAL and SICK TIME (Paid Days Off) total nine (9) days each year.
5.) PAID HOLIDAYS (Center Holidays) include Seven MAJOR HOLIDAYS PAID (7) days per year. New Years, Christmas, Thank Giving, Memorial Day, 4Th of July, Labor Day, Martin Luther King Day. FLOATING HOLIDAYS PAID - (3)
6.) PAID TIME OFF by each Employee accrues up to 34 days in the 1st year of Employment through the 5th year and up to 39 days for 6 or more years of employment.
7.) RETIREMENT PLAN is a 401-A. Employer contributes 3-7% per year based on company performance. . Non Employee participation required, Vested at 20% after 2 years of employment, 40% after 3 years, , 60% after 4nd 100% vested after 6 years of continuous employment. 403-B - Annuity / Employee contribution only to this plan.
8.) LIFE INSURANCE is paid by Employer and equal to 2 times the Employees annual income up to a maximum of 100k. Supplemental Life Insurance may be purchased through the New York Life Insurance Company.
9.) ACCIDENT DEATH & DISMEMBERMENT INSURANCE is provided and equal to 2 times the Employees annual income up to a maximum of 100k.
10.) SHORT TERM DISABILITY is provided for up to 6 months of unemployment at $170.00 per week. Supplemental Disability Insurance may be purchased through the New York Life Insurance Company.
11.) LONG TERM DISABILITY is provided for Employees up to 60% of annual income and up to $2,500 per month
12.) SALARY CONTINUANCE is provided to extended PAID TIME OFF due to EXTENDED ILLNESS. To be used when all other benefits have been exhausted. Paid time off of 5 days for 2-5 years of service, 10 days for 5-10 years of service and 15 days for 10 or more years.
13.) DISCOUNT SERVICES are provided to reduce rates for Pharmacy, Credit Union, Vision, Dental and Medical services are available to Employees and their Families.

* LOCATED  in the center of New York State, the city of Syracuse (Population 156k city and county 467k) is in the beautiful Finger Lakes Region which includes many Resorts, Casinos, and close to Lake Ontario, Lake Oneida, the St. Lawrence River, the Adirondack Mountains and the Thousand Islands. Forbes Magazine (June 2010) ranked SYRACUSE, NY fourth (4TH) in the U.S. as the FAMILY FRIENDLIEST cities based on inexpensive housing (homes and apartments), easy commutes (extensive highway system), Low crime and great private and public schools, colleges and universities.  Atlantic News (August 2013) rated Syracuse number #1 as the BEST LOCATION in the U.S. for the lowest home prices and the SAFEST METRO AREA in the United States to avoid natural disasters.




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