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$70,000 - $105,000
New Brunswick, NJ
August 1st 2021
Minimum Degree:
Doctor of Philosophy
Relocation Assistance:
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We are seeking a highly motivated, PhD-level  Immunologist with cellular and molecular biology experience for the role of Research Scientist I.  The position will be based in North Brunswick, New Jersey, and will directly report to Chief Scientific Officer. 

This individual will be required to engineer new biological entities to screen, clone, and develop with multiple partners.  Practical, ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking is required.  Inventing new techniques and applying genetic engineering and editing methods to build highly complex protein products. 

Experience with immunology including T-cell biology and regulation, immuno-oncology, cell-based assays, tumor biology, and associated techniques (e.g., flow cytometry, ELISA).  In addition, experience in molecular biology including cloning (phage, bacterial, mammalian), display libraries (peptide and antibody), sequencing, and general molecular biological techniques is sought after. 

Job Summary 
Job Responsibilities (90% wet/lab work; 10% reporting)
• Help design peptides and antibodies for commercial and clinical implementation
• Design, set up, or manage the outsourcing company immunological and cell-based projects using phage display, peptide, and antibody screens, or other techniques
• Developing, optimizing, and applying pipelines and algorithms for processing and analyzing biological data
• Analyze, graph, and report results, plus interface with outside vendors (commercial and academic)
• Generation of technical reports, manuscripts, abstracts, presentations, and other forms of deliverables as required
• Involvement in genome sequence analysis, assembly, and annotations leveraging information and knowledge creation from diverse genomics datasets and computational tools
• Ph.D. in molecular biology, genetic engineering, or gene editing
• 2-5 years of industry or academia experience
• 4+ years of experience with immunological techniques and assays
• 4+ years of technical experience with mammalian cell culture and molecular biology techniques as it relates to this job description 
• Experience with plasmid design, construction, transfection, PCR, cloning, extraction of genomic DNA, sequencing, analysis is a plus


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